We have designed weather stations and Soil moisture monitors in GPRS and Nb-iot for DPS-Promatic srl, together with an internet listener, a server database and a web site for data and graphics display and an Android APP synced with the DB. More products on irrimonitor web site. Contact us for more information.

sistema water smart progettato da Altercodex srl

grafico irrigazione su server realizzato da Altercodex srl

Some smart wireless tensiometer, designed by Altercodex srl

Today's technology allows for development of accurate, yet low-cost, environmental monitors with features that couldn't be thought of, just a few years ago. We can monitor:

  • Air temperature, RH and dew point, with digital sensors
  • Solar radiation with pyranometers using a silicon diode
  • Leaf wetness with PCBs acting as a fake leaf
  • Soil moisture with sensors surrounded by 'ideal' soil.
  • micro-particles, down to 2.5 micron, with small size sensors
  • Air pressure with load cell sensors
  • Wind speed and direction, with hall effect sensors
    Unfortunately, sometimes we find that public tenders are written specifying the old technology, like pt100 for the temperature and evaporators instead of evapotranspiration calculation, or local data loggers, that nobody will probably ever read, because one must go on site and stations are far away. Today it is possible to use cheap and reliable digital sensors and send data directly to a database, using one of many wireless connections.
    At Altercodex we have designed various devices for environmental monitoring, for DPS-Promatic srl, and we are always keen to use state-of-the-art technology.
    Among customers who have benefited by our designs: RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana for monitoring Track temperature; Agrimil Tech for irrigation systems monitoring.