We have designed many internet connected devices, along with the server side services, needed to use them: Easygate gate openers, GPRS printers, used by the food-ordering pioneer PizzaBo. These devices have been produced by DPS-Promatic srl.
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scheda apricancello per 1000 utenti progettata da Altercodex srl

stampante gprs per ordini on-line e portale

Easygate-1000 electronic Board and TCP-4G, the popular printer for on-line orders designed by Altercodex srl

Massimo Portolani has designed GSM gate openers since 20 years; nowadays they have become a commodity product that is produced by many companies, but Altercodex has just designed a new version, manufactured by DPS-Promatic and sold to various customers, like Fingal Engineering in Ireland. This new version, called Easygate 1000, allows for local storage of up to 1000 telephone numbers that can open the gate, including a descriptive identifier. The storage is on the device and not on a server in internet, to make it safer for customers privacy. These data can be added and modified connecting with a cable, or via SMS or via a special terminal-like on-line service, which doesn't store anything.
Another successful device designed by Massimo Portolani si the TCP-4G printer, for which Altercodex has designed the back-end with APIs for easy interfacing with customer portals. This device has been used by Christian Sarcuni, founder of Pizza-Bo. A pioneer in food ordering portals, that was purchased by Just-Eat a few years ago.
In those 2 cases, designing the hardware device has gone side by side withthe development of the Server side software that is the cornerstone of any iot solution. It is not a job for advertising agencies, it is a programmer's job. At Altercodex we know-how to do it.