At AlterCodex we use state-of-the-art technology to deliver high performance hardware and software, both on device side and on server side. This is quite useful in developing Iot (internet of things) solutions. Contact us for more information.

In order to develop reliable hardware and software, know-how is the key, and this is acquired only after having passed many years designing and testing and learning from our own mistakes. When designing a new circuit, it is necessary to take specific care of the inputs, of the power supply, of negative influences parts of the circuit may have on other parts. Power supply tracks must be properly placed and must be of the correct width. It is important to minimize EMC emission and improve immunity at the design stage, to avoid spending time and money in fixing troubles found at time of EMC tests, when it is too late to improve things at circuit level. Same way of reasoning applies to firmware. Devices must be reliable and never end up in a frozen state, also because most iot devices are stand-alone and far away, may be in the middle of a forest or on the top of a tower. With wireless devices there is an extra layer of difficulties to cope with: what technology to use? GPRS? Nb-iot? Lora? Another? each of these have advantages and drawbacks. We have some experience and we try to suggest what we think is the best, according to customer's requirements. But once we have developed the correct iot device, it is useless without a proper server-side on-line service, that gathers data and makes them usable for customer needs. Massimo Portolani, founder and CEO of AlterCodex srl, started designing professional microprocessor based PCBs in 1978 and has the know-how that enables us to offer robust solutions, at a just price.
In details, this is what AlterCodex can do for you:

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