At Altercodex we have designed an electronic board, manufactured and sold by DPS-Promatic srl, that includes a processor ARM STM32F1 to interface the Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 and use all of its graphic power to build a coin operated machine, with a safe handling of the hardware, thanks to real time operation of our board.
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scheda interfaccia per Raspberry progettata da Altercodex srl
scheda interfaccia con Raspberry progettata da Altercodex srl

Electronic board RBI-ARM with and without the Raspberry Pi mounted on it

Raspberry Pi has been one of the best ideas of the last decade, designed and manufactured for educational purposes, to allow any kid to access free software with little money, without being misguided by proprietary hardware and software. This is something like what happened with Commodore and Sinclair computers in the 80ties.
At Altercodex we have used this board many times and we found it to be more reliable than more expensive and complex motherboards. The only problem one may face is interfacing hardware to it. True, there is a I/O connector, but this is logic-level and quite fragile, and anyway Linux is not suitable for real-time operation needed by hardware devices. On the contraty, our board RBI-ARM takes care of interfacing the hardware real-time and then communicates basic information to the Raspberry Pi using the USB port. The board comes with a basic software in C, but, of course, customers can write their own or modify ours as needed. Specifications follow:

  • Interfaces Raspberry Pi through USB interface
  • Handles coin and bill acceptors: parallel, serial, MDB, CCtalk.
  • Includes a backup-battery connector to enable safe shut-down.
  • Provides an interface for a telemetry board (like the Nb-iot or GPRS one designed by us).
  • It has RT clock to allow Raspberry to keep correct time.
  • Drives a mechanical counter
  • Provides digital and analog I/Os

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