Massimo Portolani, founder and CEO of AlterCodex srl started his professional career in 1981, with his company Digital Portrait Systems that manufactured systems to print digital portraits. Nowadays AlterCodex keeps designing similar picture printing machines for the amusement industry. Contact us for more information.

example of foto printed srl

Example of Wanted printout and screen of an instagram printing machine, designed by Altercodex srl

Massimo Portolani says: "when we started manufacturing portrait printing machines, there were no PCs available and printers were needle matrix type. To be able to print a picture, we modified the character generator in the printer to print patterns of gray. We used 4 bits, but it was not an easy task even to find a fast enough AD converter". Nowadays it is much simpler, one can use a web-cam, a linux board, like the Raspberry Pi and a dye sublimation printer. Everything seems easy, but then you get lost in details, like for example, the lack of drivers for Linux for your specific printer. We know how to solve these problems, we have done it already for Instagram printing machines, for Photo Kiddie machines, for Wanted printing machines.
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