AlterCodex srl designs specific electronics, software and Server side services for the amusement and event industry, including: the Bocca della Verità, in real size (170 cm), installed in Aelia duty free, at Rome Fiumicino Airport, and the Angry Bird Cannon. Contact us for more information.

Bocca della verita in dimensione reale con elettronica progettata da Altercodex srl

gioco Angry Birds cannon, progettato da Altercodex srl per Coin Line oy

Printout system for Bocca della verità in Rome Fiumicino, with internet connection to download voucher design, and Angry Birds Cannon game designed by Altercodex srl

According to Massimo Portolani: "Amusement industry has always used, before other industries, any novelty that technology can offer. When, back in 1978, we tried to sell computers to offices, sometimes they just shew us the door, saying that they had no time to waste, even if they actually wasted much time in filling paper forms. No wonder that for us was more rewarding to use computers to print pictures or print horoscopes".
Bearing this in mind, we still like to develop event machines, that are attractions in exhibitions, and also games, expecially the ones with internet connection. As an example, for the finnish company Coin Line OY we have developed the Angry Birds Cannon game, where a player can throw balls to a screen, aiming at targets, using a real sling-shot.
As a choice of our company we don't work for the gambling industry.

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