We have designed electronic boards and written firmware for people weighing scales, baggage weighing scales and blood pressure monitors, all machines designed by Massimo Portolani for DPS-Promatic srl.
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scheda bilancia progettata da Altercodex srl
bilance pesapersone progettate da Massimo Portolani

Some weighing scales and a blood pressure monitor designed by Massimo Portolani for DPS-Promatic srl and the CPU board for the BWS-XA scale, designed by AlterCodex srl.

The design of scales and blood pressure monitors is a peculiar task that involves thinking about accuracy under different environmental conditions. Massimo Portolani has designed his first scale in 1985 for a british company. It was called Video Scale and was the first video scale to be approved by British Weights and Measures. Since then he has designed over 10 scales for the italian company Royal Medinova, baggage scales for DPS-Promatic srl and other customers, like Excess-Baggage, in the UK. At AlterCodex we have also designed the electronics for blood pressure monitors. Designing a scale requires some skill for the following components:

  • Load cell amplifier and signal conditioning
  • Thermal printer electronics, must be reliable and never break with power failures
  • CPU must be ready immediately upon power up and absolutely noise insensitive
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