In recent years internet connected devices (what is normally called iot or internet of things) have grown exponentially. At Altercodex we have devised many on-line solutions to allow our customers to receive, aggregate data, display graphics and update software in their devices.
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soluzioni server-side create da Altercodex srl

Some Server-side implementations by Altercodex srl

All iot devices, by design, must be connected to the internet in a way or another. Data need to be uploaded and downloaded, firmware needs to be upgraded. All of this requires a lot of work that is not immediately visible, and has nothing to do with the design of the web site. Actually the major problem is make customer understand that it is not so difficult to change a colour from blue to a ligher shade of blue, but rather to manage all what they don't see and don't understand. This appears true and sometimes frustrating, expecially in these times, when anybody who can post on twitter thinks to be a smart tech guy. For any assistance in developing back-ends for iot devices, contact Altercodex.